Ghanshyam Shashtri

Book: Ghanshyam Shashtri

Author: Saras Azad

Ghanshyam Shashtri is crime investigation novel set in Ahemadabad, Gujrat, India. A young man Commits Suicide just a month before his wedding, Ghanshyam Shashtri A private investigator comes into the picture to find the reason for it!! So basically that’s the story!!

Without getting into many Spoilers here is my review of the same.

Writing and Editing: I would Appreciate the writing in the book. It is a pretty easy read, The language is pretty simple, even if you are not an avid reader, this book can be finished pretty fast, all the credit goes to easy writing by the author. So that’s a plus one on the favour of the book.

Coming to Editing, I felt, even if its a short read, some parts where the personal life of the detective was depicted, must have been avoided. I mean, me as a reader, I was more interested in the Crime part rather than the personal life of the detective. And Major let down was Some serious typo just for example there was a point where “Son” was Spelled as “Sun”. Hence that made the book lose 0.5 points.

Characters: Yes there are quite a few characters in the book. The main character Ghanshyam Shastri the investigator, it was mentioned that it was his first case, so the amateur kind of behaviour may be a creative choice which was kind of nice, that made the book earn a point in its favour. The rest of the characters, I mean Ghanshyam’s mother, sister and even girlfriend were little melodramatic, this is even true to some of the relatives of the victim too.

Storyline and Narration: The book is narrated in Ghanshyams Point of View, which I found it nice like it is always better to read an investigation thriller form the investigator’s point of view itself.But then the plot itself was not that intriguing, there were not any suspense elements as such, there was nothing unique in the storyline
So, in conclusion, I would like to say, If you looking for an easy light-hearted Investigating story, then give this a go, if you looking for a nerve recking suspense mystery then this book might disappoint youEasy Writing, and Story developing from the investigators POV and For the first case of Ghanshyam Shashtri I would rate this a 2.5/5

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