It Ends with a Dream!

Loads of emotions, love, sacrifices and a realisation of how important such feelings are..that’s It Ends with a Dream in a nutshell.

Yadnya and Yashika Two different Personalities with different career goals cross their paths, regularly thus the book to you!
Story set in South Indian settings like Karnataka and Hyderabad where two childhood friend and then lovers.
Yadnya Reddy, living in Hyderabad and a lawyer who is already married to the thought of having a political career. Yashika, a career-oriented girl with goals and zeal to achieve them, aspects to study further. And there’s a secret that is concealed throughout the story that was revealed and changed Yadnya’s and everyone’s lives forever.
The story travels back and forth throughout the book. The story flows mostly in memoirs of the protagonists’ childhood, and some regret for mistakes and affliction of separation is well expressed. Plot: A perfect one and engaging one

Characters: Fewer characters, but well developed and we connect with them.

Writing: A medium paced, good read!

It’s the book that is more focused on the essence or message aimed to impart to readers than a plotline which is simple and metaphorical to comprehend the relations, its value, emotion on time before it fly away while we are busy with ourselves. It’s a nice read and to recommend.

12 thoughts on “It Ends with a Dream!

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  1. I read this book and it was a really nice read for me. I enjoyed the way the characters were built and it was overall a fun read. Thank you so much for such a detailed review. Great post🤗🤗.

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  2. I have heard about this book, and it’s on my tbr too. Will try to read it soon. I Will post it once I read it.


  3. This is amazing. As I have read this book too few days back or probably 1 month back. Nice to see that you too also have depicted this book as I did. The book again visited my mind. ❤️

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  4. I’ve been seeing this book all over and have read mixed reviews too… I think its time for me to add this to my tbr


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