Raebareli Romance

Book 5 of 2021

Book: Raebareli Romance

Author: Saraz Azad

Raghu a Dalit Boy from Raibareli (Town in Uttar Pradesh), Fells for Sonam A Thakur girl From Lalganj (Another town on Uttar Pradesh)!! The main Villain in their love story is society. Will their Romance be victorious or will it succumb to society! Read this tale to find out!!

Without Giving much away let me tell you what’s my thought after reading this tale!

What I liked

Writing: The writing of the book is pretty fast-paced!! I managed to finish this book in a total of 3.5 hours of reading! Thus winning a point in favour of book!

Story: I liked the Story. Even though it does not contain anything surprising or any new nuance to it! but still, you tend to develop a sense of curiosity for the characters. Thus One more point in favour!

The best part I liked about the book was it didn’t go any overboard dramatic!! The story was very much practical and the portrayal of the characters was also as natural as it had to be!! Thus one more point in favour!

What I Didn’t like!!

Character Development: This was missing in the entire book! Even the main lead was not developed, Hence that affection which we need to feel for the characters had didn’t happen. Thus a point against the book.

Narration: Even though it was very fast-paced, but still the essence of storytelling was missing!! And the biggest turn of for me was, throughout the book, there were some lines in Hindi, and the English translation of the same was missing, Now, I understand Hindi hence for me it was not a problem, but for a reader who doesn’t understand, it will make him lose the interest in the book! 

The most important thing I didn’t like was the prologue was a very big giveaway!! I mean right after reading the prologue all the suspense was lost! So my recommendation to all the reader will be Skip the Prologue part!!

So That’s It From My Side for Raebareli Romance,  I would Like to rate 


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