The Cinderella Of Karnal!!

Book: The Cinderella of Karnal

Author: Reecha Agarwal Goyal

Cinderella, the old fairy tale princess, who had fought all the odds of the society and emerged as a princess. The Cinderella of Karnal may be a tale which does not have a fairy tale version thereto, but a woman from the Town of Karnal is India has got to fight all the social evil, and here a number of the evil is additionally residing inside her.

Diya, A girl who had blamed for the death of her father, even before she was born! She was labelled ‘inauspicious’ by society. While trying to regain her image Diya finds herself entangled in a web of murders, mysteries, secrets, deceits and life. So that’s the book for you. This is book is going down in the stack of best reads of the year, I am saying this even at the start of the year! What an Awsome Journey It was reading this awesomely written tale.

Writing: A very easy language, but a gripping one for Psychological Thriller. It has the required pace to it, I cannot complain even a single Things about the writing of this story. The Lessons about mental health that flows like constant reminder throughout the book was something worth every single penny!

Editing and Presentation: Even editing, proofreading everything was close to perfect in this book. The only thing which was a little botheration for me is there are certain sequences in the middle which would have been presented little better. Having said that, That confused way of presenting has added the flavour of Physiological thrill to the book.

Characters: Diya, Ved, Kanika these are the main characters in the book. We as a reader get to know all the characters pretty well. Again if I have to Criticise a bit, then I would say that the Character of Ved must have developed a little more.

So perfect writing, close to perfect editing and presentation, good character development, the atrocities females go through, and the constant reminder of the mental health this book has everything to be a 5-star book!! But that small confusion in presenting and that missing development of Ved’s Character have cost the book 0.5 points

So I would like to rate 4.5/5

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