It Ends with a Dream!

Loads of emotions, love, sacrifices and a realisation of how important such feelings are..that's It Ends with a Dream in a nutshell. Yadnya and Yashika Two different Personalities with different career goals cross their paths, regularly thus the book to you!Story set in South Indian settings like Karnataka and Hyderabad where two childhood friend and... Continue Reading →

Raebareli Romance

Book 5 of 2021 Book: Raebareli Romance Author: Saraz Azad Raghu a Dalit Boy from Raibareli (Town in Uttar Pradesh), Fells for Sonam A Thakur girl From Lalganj (Another town on Uttar Pradesh)!! The main Villain in their love story is society. Will their Romance be victorious or will it succumb to society! Read this... Continue Reading →

Ghanshyam Shashtri

Book: Ghanshyam Shashtri Author: Saras Azad Ghanshyam Shashtri is crime investigation novel set in Ahemadabad, Gujrat, India. A young man Commits Suicide just a month before his wedding, Ghanshyam Shashtri A private investigator comes into the picture to find the reason for it!! So basically that's the story!! Without getting into many Spoilers here is... Continue Reading →

The Cinderella Of Karnal!!

Book: The Cinderella of Karnal Author: Reecha Agarwal Goyal Cinderella, the old fairy tale princess, who had fought all the odds of the society and emerged as a princess. The Cinderella of Karnal may be a tale which does not have a fairy tale version thereto, but a woman from the Town of Karnal is... Continue Reading →

Friendship to Love..

I: Friendship…… A  new at the class,I was a bit worried,The test of novel friendship, would I pass?Thinking this, to my seat, I hurried. At class, a cute, sweet and loving girl I met with,I could hear my heart beating faster than ever!The 12 year old boy mistook the feeling for friendship,Realizing years later as... Continue Reading →

Six Year Old These Days..

Many times you come across people whom you never intend to make teachers… but their footprints are left behind… and we learn lessons unnoticed… Yesterday I had been out for a walk… the gentle breeze of the evening was pretty mesmerising. I had reached the city park… a joyful place to spend time… children playing.... Continue Reading →

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