Book Reviews

Dev Vrat and Noble Ghost!

Book #13 of 2021 Book: Dev Vrat And Noble Ghost Author: Dr Sanjay Sharma Genre: Children’s Adventure, Sci-fi Thriller For Kids. Those days, when we run from our schools to … More

It Ends with a Dream!

Loads of emotions, love, sacrifices and a realisation of how important such feelings are..that’s It Ends with a Dream in a nutshell. Yadnya and Yashika Two different Personalities with different … More

Raebareli Romance

Book 5 of 2021 Book: Raebareli Romance Author: Saraz Azad Raghu a Dalit Boy from Raibareli (Town in Uttar Pradesh), Fells for Sonam A Thakur girl From Lalganj (Another town … More

Ghanshyam Shashtri

Book: Ghanshyam Shashtri Author: Saras Azad Ghanshyam Shashtri is crime investigation novel set in Ahemadabad, Gujrat, India. A young man Commits Suicide just a month before his wedding, Ghanshyam Shashtri … More


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